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Bootylicious white girl

[Total: 3569    Average: 7/5]


I can tell this bbw girlfriend has a strong pair of thighs that will lock down tight and make you beg for mercy.

19 Comments for Bootylicious white girl

  1. wolf on September 24, 2017: (Reply)

    smart strong ‘n’ sexy

  2. Ted Pillman on December 29, 2015: (Reply)

    i’d lick that butthole for hours and hours…..?

  3. J Rod on January 26, 2014: (Reply)

    absolutely perfect

  4. on February 1, 2013: (Reply)


  5. lovemuscle on December 28, 2012: (Reply)

    12 out of 10 love it lets see that pussy

  6. on December 21, 2012: (Reply)

    wow.nice fact best asshole for fuck in the world

  7. Jman on November 22, 2012: (Reply)

    You need to be fucked good and hard.

  8. Tim on September 17, 2012: (Reply)

    i would tear your ass up

  9. hungryeyes on August 11, 2012: (Reply)

    that’s one fine arse, I’d sure let her sit on my face any day

  10. Mike on June 1, 2012: (Reply)

    I wanna cum on her tat

  11. Big Time on May 17, 2012: (Reply)

    Set that on my face

  12. mark on May 16, 2012: (Reply)

    to hot to handle

  13. David on May 14, 2012: (Reply)

    Damn I’d like to lick that

  14. Pussy licker on April 20, 2012: (Reply)

    Let’s see that pink tweeter

  15. on April 16, 2012: (Reply)

    tight ass…i bet you can put a hurting on a guy

  16. Ras on April 13, 2012: (Reply)

    Your perfect!! Thick and juicy!! Love it

  17. mars on April 13, 2012: (Reply)

    Turn around

  18. $ over bitches on April 13, 2012: (Reply)

    damn gurl let me get sum dat ass i luv ur legs i wanna lick up n down

  19. King on April 12, 2012: (Reply)

    It is beautiful, you should post more!

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Thick white booty girl

[Total: 3635    Average: 6.8/5]


Okay this isn’t a very good pic, but still her big white ass cannot be denied. I want to lean in and take a bite.

18 Comments for Thick white booty girl

  1. Excellent on October 9, 2015: (Reply)

    Love the ass

  2. Worker on October 8, 2015: (Reply)

    Would you let me stand there admiring you and let me jerk off in front of you? I’d love to drop my load all over that amazing ass….oh wow!

  3. Ted Pillman on August 10, 2015: (Reply)

    That needs my tongue up in it!

    • Milena on November 12, 2015: (Reply)

      Will you do me?

  4. JustDave on August 20, 2014: (Reply)

    I’d love to penetrate dat assss

  5. on February 8, 2014: (Reply)

    that ass is a 10 10 10 10

  6. jon on December 31, 2012: (Reply)

    whats her name???

  7. on December 21, 2012: (Reply)

    wow cuteface and nice ass and tits i wana marry him then she will be my mister and i will bw her slave

  8. JJ on October 2, 2012: (Reply)

    Hey Hungry Joe, WHERE can I find more of her.??? Totally agree, she is a goddess!

  9. on July 25, 2012: (Reply)

    Smother my face between those perfect cheeks,,id die happy

  10. Hungry Joe on July 8, 2012: (Reply)

    This girl, possibly a German, is one of the most gorgeous women on the web. I have downloaded some 230+ different photos of her, from every angle, nude and semi-nude. She has an angel face, perfect perky breasts, and a succulent butt that would make me want to wake up every morning with my face deeply buried between those savory Bavarian hams of hers. This is the kind of girl one wants to marry and treat in the kind of way she would never give a thought to leaving you.

  11. Gloverboy6 on June 30, 2012: (Reply)

    Nice ass

  12. on June 1, 2012: (Reply)

    let me split them cheeks wit my chocolate stick baby

  13. biggdee441 on May 24, 2012: (Reply)

    i love it!

  14. Big Time on May 17, 2012: (Reply)

    love to be chin deep in that ass

  15. The dude on April 21, 2012: (Reply)

    Ive seen pics of this girl online and have always wanted to know her name..

  16. Jayfrompa35 on April 10, 2012: (Reply)

    What A Hot,Sexy Woman With A Perfect Luscious Thick Ass…

  17. KC10 on April 7, 2012: (Reply)

    Babe you are a very beautiful girl.I do wish you always the very best.

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Thick girl Diane Poppos

[Total: 2559    Average: 5.4/5]


Thick girl Diane Poppos has been a popular Score girl for over ten years now. Easy to see why with those breasts.

8 Comments for Thick girl Diane Poppos

  1. anonymous on July 16, 2018: (Reply)

    I would love to shove my cock down her throat

  2. Ted Pillman on August 10, 2015: (Reply)

    She’s gained weight since her early days and looks better than ever!

  3. BIG BOY on June 16, 2013: (Reply)


  4. jokerBomB on November 1, 2012: (Reply)

    mmm mmm mmm hit a nigga up DWAAAAAMN

  5. dave on March 20, 2012: (Reply)

    damn i like what i see

  6. nun of yo fuckin buisness on March 11, 2012: (Reply)

    i would fuck you hard

  7. Jay on March 11, 2012: (Reply)


  8. D long on March 1, 2012: (Reply)

    I would love to bang u

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Thick girl Kitti Campbell

[Total: 2077    Average: 5.4/5]


Thick girl Kitti Campbell was in Bikini Busters, the hardcore XL Girls movie with big girls in tiny bikinis.

4 Comments for Thick girl Kitti Campbell

  1. Ted Pillman on April 9, 2016: (Reply)

    i would wear her pussy out with my flapping tongue!

  2. JustDave on August 20, 2014: (Reply)

    My cock, your mouth, lets arrange a meeting.

  3. dave on March 20, 2012: (Reply)

    lets get togeather your hott

  4. Lee on February 24, 2012: (Reply)

    I wanna taste it

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Thick girl Alice Webb

[Total: 2230    Average: 5.4/5]


Alice Webb is an XL Girl who never fails to attract a lot of attention with those giant tits. Yum.

10 Comments for Thick girl Alice Webb

  1. Ted Pillman on January 7, 2016: (Reply)

    i love them big floppy titties. i would bend you over and jack hammer your asshole while they swung!

  2. on November 8, 2013: (Reply)

    email me any video from alice

  3. i like big tits and big ass on January 12, 2013: (Reply)

    love the piercings, great body, I’ll keep u you smiling with my 10″

  4. Big black on December 29, 2012: (Reply)

    Would love to bust on those tits

  5. davx on November 20, 2012: (Reply)

    was gonna give a 10 but saw the nipple piercings yukkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  6. BIG BOY SLIM on November 11, 2012: (Reply)

    With tits that size bet you cant see your pussy

  7. Hans on June 18, 2012: (Reply)

    You remind me of Linda Carter with big sweet tits.

  8. Lou on April 9, 2012: (Reply)

    Unfreakingbelieveable! I’d love to see your legs.

  9. drake on March 6, 2012: (Reply)

    let me suck them tities

  10. Lee on February 16, 2012: (Reply)

    wow ur amazin’ly beautiful

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Thick girl Rose Valentina

[Total: 1966    Average: 5.9/5]


Thick girl Rose Valentina has some great tan lines on those big round boobs, attracting lots of breast fans.

9 Comments for Thick girl Rose Valentina

  1. chubby_chasin on March 29, 2016: (Reply)

    those tanlines are sooo hot

  2. John s on November 25, 2013: (Reply)


  3. bbwhunter on June 29, 2012: (Reply)

    im going to the AVN alone leaving wit a XL girl

  4. Vince on May 24, 2012: (Reply)

    Oh yes,absolutely fine!!! Thick,tanned,busty,& “phat” (T-T-B-&-P),thats my kind of woman.

  5. dave on April 14, 2012: (Reply)

    would you like to meet up

  6. Redwofl847 on February 26, 2012: (Reply)

    I sure as hell loves me a beautifully tan curvy woman!

  7. bigsexy on February 19, 2012: (Reply)

    would love to play with all of that!

  8. Lee on February 16, 2012: (Reply)

    wow ur eyes and ur smile make u even more beautiful

  9. Jim on February 12, 2012: (Reply)


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Thick girl Cherry Brady

[Total: 1698    Average: 5.6/5]


Thick girl Cherry Brady is one of the choice XL Girls in B.L.O.W. (Busty Ladies of Oil Wrestling). Not to be missed.

4 Comments for Thick girl Cherry Brady

  1. Ted Pillman on January 9, 2016: (Reply)

    i would like to say hello to your kitty while it was sitting on my face.

  2. on March 7, 2012: (Reply)

    May kiss your kitty????

  3. Lee on February 16, 2012: (Reply)

    wow r u as smokin’ hott as ur hair?like ur kitty

  4. me on February 12, 2012: (Reply)

    wish I was a kitty cat pantie

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Thick girl Karen Udders

[Total: 1627    Average: 5.3/5]


Thick girl Karen Udders has two thick slabs of boob meat just waiting to be sucked on.

6 Comments for Thick girl Karen Udders

  1. wolf on September 24, 2017: (Reply)

    great girl makes men to see more ‘n’ more

  2. gomer on February 23, 2016: (Reply)

    whats the chances of having big titties like that and your last name being “Udders”? shazaaam!

  3. i like big tits and big ass on January 12, 2013: (Reply)

    I like big tits I can not lie….

  4. C los on December 6, 2012: (Reply)

    i loved her at first site

  5. Lee on February 16, 2012: (Reply)


  6. Lee on February 11, 2012: (Reply)

    I’ll suck dem melons dry

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Thick girl Holly Jayde

[Total: 1734    Average: 5.5/5]


Beautiful XL Girl Holly Jayde has milky white skin and natural juicy tits ready to be played with and sucked on.

11 Comments for Thick girl Holly Jayde

  1. colorful fox on January 27, 2016: (Reply)

    strong power wonderful too beautiful …

  2. mozez day on November 2, 2013: (Reply)

    $_$ I LOVE YOU $_$ HOLLY JAYDE $_$

  3. Dave on March 28, 2012: (Reply)

    I’d love to stick my cock in you

  4. KC10 on March 23, 2012: (Reply)

    Hey babe you are a sexy thing. I gave you a 10 for sure.

  5. Lee on February 11, 2012: (Reply)

    wow luv ur pillows can we c ur monkey and pie-hole

  6. big dick on February 6, 2012: (Reply)

    id love to lick your tight pussy

  7. big dick on February 6, 2012: (Reply)

    id cum all over you!

  8. hotrod on January 21, 2012: (Reply)

    so hotttt

  9. steelraccoon on January 20, 2012: (Reply)

    Very yummy! Need to see more pics of this beauty!

  10. ps on January 20, 2012: (Reply)


  11. ps on January 20, 2012: (Reply)

    il take u

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Thick girl Sapphire

[Total: 1689    Average: 5.6/5]


Sapphire calls in to XL Girls to report her massive tits are out and on the loose. Be on the lookout for these boobs!

4 Comments for Thick girl Sapphire

  1. Ted Pillman on August 9, 2015: (Reply)

    Those are my kind of titties—-big fat heavy hangers…..I’d like to pour Italian dressing all over her and spend about a week licking it off!

  2. i like big tits and big ass on January 12, 2013: (Reply)

    heres my number call me maybe so i could fuck that chubby pussy

  3. James dean on March 1, 2012: (Reply)

    I want to eat that for days

  4. Lee on February 11, 2012: (Reply)

    sweet now bend over and show us what u wkn wit

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